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What Is The Portfolio Report Card™

The Portfolio Report Card™ tells you the strengths and weakness of your investments in crucial areas including cost, risk, taxes, and performance.

The best scores are A and B whereas C,D, and F signify deep structural flaws. We reward well-built portfolios by paying you $100 if your portfolio receives a grade of A.

Your one-page diagnosis is free and hand delivered to you by a licensed financial advisor. Since 2016, over $200 million in IRA, 401(k), 403(b) and other investments have been graded.

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How It Works

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    Tell us about yourself and your investing goals.

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    After submission, your data is analyzed and graded by a licensed financial advisor.

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    Receive your exam results

    Book appointment with the financial advisor that graded your investments to get your free Portfolio Report Card™ along with a full explanation of your final grade.

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What Real Users Are Saying

"Before getting graded we knew that we had problems with our retirement accounts but we couldn't put our finger on it. The Report Card helped us to uncover and fix the problem areas."

Shelly and Dave H.
Huntington Beach, CA
($1.6 million IRA, Roth, IRA, and family trust account)

"Even though I've been pretty good saver, I've made lots of investing mistakes over the past 30 years. Having my investment assets analyzed and graded was scary at first, but the final result has been positive. I'm taking less risk and spending less in taxes and fees."

Bob V.
Buffalo, NY
($678,080 401k plan)

"The Portfolio Report Card is easy to understand and boiled down all my investing strengths and flaws on a single page. I think both novices and experienced investors would benefit."

Phillip S.
Denver, CO
($842,150 IRA, 403b, and brokerage account)

Immediate Benefits To You

  • Clarity. Get a big picture view of all your investments on a single page.
  • Peace of mind. Eliminate doubt about your portfolio’s risk, cost, and performance situation.
  • Confidence. Stop investing blindly by getting and keeping your financial plan on track.
  • Guidance. Get help fixing portfolio weaknesses with a licensed financial advisor.
Get Graded Now

Our Guarantee

Sharing data can be stressful. We get it. But without data, it’s impossible for us to execute and deliver Portfolio Report Cards™. That’s why we guarantee the portfolio data you provide to us will only be used for grading purposes. That means we gather your data in a safe online environment and we ensure your final Portfolio Report Card™ results are delivered to you in person by a licensed financial professional. There are no shortcuts. From beginning to end, we treat your data with safety and respect. The Portfolio Report Card™ is owned and operated by