Uncover the root causes of high-costs, low-returns, and poor performance in your investment portfolio

We analyze investment portfolios held at these and many other financial institutions.


This is the first and only investment portfolio grading service in the world that will:

Perform a comprehensive review of your investments across 5 to 7 vital categories (more than anyone else) to identify every portfolio mistake costing you thousands.

Double-check your financial advisor’s recommendations to reveal whether they’ll deliver the results you expect (or if you’re being led down a path of low returns and high costs).

Give you a proven blueprint for fixing the “architecture” of your portfolio to reach your financial goals and preserve your capital deep into retirement.

the Portfolio report card was invented by RON DELEGGE II

Ron has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. He is a serial author, former registered investment advisor, and the founder of ETFguide.com. Ron is also an outside contributor to Financial Advisor Magazine and he holds the Certified Retirement Counselor designation from International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE).

To date, the Portfolio Report Card™ has been used to analyze and diagnose over $200 million of investment and retirement accounts.

Ron invented this new method of assessing your investments for one simple reason…


The 2008 Financial Crisis destroyed billions upon billions of wealth for everyday investors.

Ron Delegge II had spent over a decade as a registered investment advisor but got out of that business in 2007, right before the 2008 Financial Crisis hit and destroyed billions upon billions of wealth for everyday investors.

Wall Street and its flock of herd mentality advisors had failed their clients.

And investors without advisors had no idea they were at risk.

When everyone around Ron was asking “what just happened?” he was asking himself:

“How do I help the average investor stop this from ever happening to them again?”


Ron began working on an entire grading system that systematically identifies every hidden risk, excessive cost, and serious danger threatening your wealth and the long-term performance of your portfolio… 

…while showing you how to safeguard your portfolio from severe ups and downs in the market.

This system couldn’t simply be a “second opinion” on your portfolio.

It had to be a thorough, trustworthy, firsthand analysis of everything wrong (and right) with your investments that you can’t get from ANYONE else. 

Plus, your final analysis had to be presented concisely, without too much technical jargon or complicated explanations so that ANY investor, regardless of their experience or expertise, could understand the problems harming their portfolio and be empowered to fix them immediately.

Now, Ron has finally created a portfolio analysis unlike any other.


A complete analysis of your investment portfolio’s “architecture” to fix its weaknesses, improve upon its strengths, and find the opportunities you’re missing to maximize profitability while minimizing costs, taxes and mistakes.

Your portfolio is the centerpiece for your wealth.

The Portfolio Report Card (PRC) is an independent portfolio “audit” that sets a critical eye on every aspect of your investment architecture to ensure it’s built on a stable foundation to weather any storm and appreciate in value deep into retirement.

The PRC will find:

Once we’re done deep diving into your portfolio’s “infrastructure,” you’ll know WHY it may be underperforming, unsafe, unbalanced, and unable to help you reach your goals.

And you’ll finally be able to repair your portfolio before any further damage to your wealth is done. 

The best part is…

The Portfolio Report Card is 100% honest and impartial

The Portfolio Report Card (PRC) is the first and ONLY portfolio grading service anywhere designed to give you a conflict-free analysis of your investments. 

We’re not owned or affiliated with any brokers, dealers, or investment firms.

We’re not trying to sell you financial products you don’t need. 

And we don’t have any conflicts of interest. 

We’re only interested in exposing the flaws in your portfolio’s architecture.

We would say we’re “unbiased,” but that’s not entirely true… 

EVERYONE is biased one way or another…

Our only “bias” is keeping whoever manages your money 100% accountable for the results of their advice

After we grade your portfolio using our proprietary grading engine, you’ll know right away if you’re being ripped off or given boneheaded advice by a financial advisor or someone else. 

Of course, you’ll also discover if you’re being guided in the right direction. 

Because only one thing matters when it comes to investing: 


The PRC verifies whether your advisor’s suggestions will get you the results you deserve or not. 

By holding your advisor’s feet to the fire through the Portfolio Report Card, you get your maximum money’s worth from their financial services, which, in turn, helps them become better advisors and helps you get the best returns on your investments.


Of course, if you manage your own portfolio instead of using an advisor, you don’t have to second-guess how well you’re doing – the PRC will tell you what you’ve gotten right and wrong, and point the way toward smarter investment decisions.

The Portfolio Report Card “grades” your investments for optimal performance

The Portfolio Report Card is unlike any other portfolio review service out there. 

It’s not based merely on one person’s opinion as most other reviews are. 

Ron Delegge II specially-built a “portfolio grading engine” that leverages over 75 years of proven investing research and knowledge from some of the world’s greatest investors, including John Templeton, Amos Tversky, John C. Bogle, William F. Sharpe, and many others.

No other financial analyst or investment advisor has access to this proprietary software. 

The grading engine has built-in benchmarks that adjust to your portfolio’s holdings, allowing the program to precisely analyze your portfolio for the best results. 

After reviewing your investments, your portfolio is given a grade of A, B, C, D, or F.

Don’t worry, each grade will be explained in plain English without too much technical jargon or complication. 

You’ll know what your grade means for you and your portfolio, why you received the grade you did, and most importantly, how to take our advice and put it into action the moment after receiving your Portfolio Report Card.

Plus, unlike most portfolio reviews which provide a surface-level assessment of your investments in 1 or 2 categories…

The Portfolio Report Card grades your investments across the 5 to 7 “mission critical” financial categories


Every investment carries costs that are easy to overlook or disregard - we’ll show you the hidden costs leeching thousands of dollars of your wealth and how to slash them into the smallest expenses possible.


Don't get blindsided with unrecoverable losses because you didn't understand the full risks of your investments - we’ll show you how risky your investments are and give you the chance to change course before you're in too deep.


Did you know you have the legal right to keep more of your money? We'll show you how you're paying way more than your "fair share" to Uncle Sam and how to lighten your tax burden.


Holding fewer investments may mean much larger losses - we’ll help you uncover ways you can preserve your capital and generate higher returns with the right kind (and amount) of diversified investments your portfolio is missing.


Disorganized portfolios create confusion and cause big mistakes - we'll show you how to declutter your investments and help you stick to a sound investment strategy.


The wrong investing “psychology” can trigger major missteps that cause a domino effect of poor returns and declining performance - we'll detect the attitudes and behaviors endangering your returns and hindering the achievement of your financial goals.


Standard benchmarks like the S&P 500 fail to give you an accurate picture of your portfolio’s actual progress - we analyze all of your investments and carefully craft a personalized benchmark that matches your unique portfolio to accurately verify your long-term results.

Here’s everything you get with the Portfolio Report Card

A final grade of A, B, C, D, or F with a detailed explanation of what your grade means.

A complete breakdown of everything wrong (and right) with your portfolio.

Actionable insights for fixing your portfolio’s architecture to maximize performance.

Receive even more with each future Portfolio Report Card

The first time your investments are graded using the Portfolio Report Card, a baseline is created for you to measure against your future progress and results. With each subsequent Portfolio Report Card, you get:

A complete re-grade for your portfolio, comparing your previous grade(s) to your current one for continuous improvement.

A reappraisal of your portfolio’s overall performance and health to maintain strong returns and minimize losses.

And 100% accountability for the results you get based on your own strategies or the advice from your financial advisor or anyone else.

Plus, get these FREE bonuses on better investing with the Portfolio Report Card

Habits of the Investing Greats: 26 Proven Tactics for Achieving the Financial Results You Want

This is a FREE copy of the 5-star rated best-selling book on the timeless wisdom of some of history’s greatest investors, written by the creator of the Portfolio Report Card, Ron Delegge II. 

This powerful book retails for $9.99 but it’s yours free today.

Habits of the Investing Greats features the insights of Anne Scheiber, Chris Saaca, John Templeton, Benjamin Graham, John Doerr and many more.

You’ll learn 26 practical, actionable habits that will transform the way you invest and grow your wealth. 

Each chapter explores one investing great and the key habit they embraced to achieve outstanding success, with examples of the habit in action. At the end of each chapter, you’ll receive specific advice for applying the habit in your daily regimen for consistent progress toward investing excellence.

Inside Habits of the Investing Greats, you’ll discover:

And a whole lot more!

3 Cornerstones of a Well-Built Portfolio

An architecturally sound investment portfolio is organized into three basic parts and this simple but powerful infographic breaks down:

The 10 Commandments for Trading ETFs

ETFs are one of the smartest investments you can make, especially when saving for retirement and trying to limit the amount of risk in your portfolio.

But it’s not without its pitfalls and hidden dangers. 

This powerful little guide will give you 10 of the most important (and profitable) “rules” for investing in ETFs, including:

Plus much more.

what happy clients say after getting the portfolio report card

Let’s sum up everything you get with the Portfolio Report Card today

What will it cost you to get all of this right now?

According to NerdWallet, the average fee for a financial advisor can cost between $2,000 and $7,500 a year. And that’s just the average…many unsuspecting investors are paying substantially more. 

For the breadth and depth of the portfolio diagnosis you receive with the Portfolio Report Card, plus all the investment knowledge you’re receiving as a bonus, we could easily charge a minimum of $699.

But we want to give EVERY investor the chance to optimize the performance of their portfolio regardless of their net worth.

That’s why the Portfolio Report Card doesn’t cost $699…nor $599…nor even $499.


Get Your Portfolio Graded Today with One of These 2 Affordable Options


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And as a special add-on bonus, you can run a background check on your financial advisor for just $99!

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued warnings to individual investors to conduct regular background checks on their financial advisor. 

For only $99, we’ll perform an extensive background check on your advisor to keep you abreast of any disciplinary problems, customer complaints, or legal problems they’ve encountered.

Choose Your Portfolio Report Card Plan Premium Premium+
Limit on number of portfolios graded * 1 3
Limit on size of portfolios we grade: Minimum $25,000 up to $10 billion
Initial and ongoing investment diagnosis provide
Secured e-delivery of your final grade
Continuous investment monitoring and annual grading
Annual background check on your financial advisor **
Number of grading factors analyzed 5 7
Free storage of your Portfolio Report Card to track your historical progress
One-on-one consultation with human grader (via phone or video) ***

Frequently Asked Questions

The Portfolio Report Card is not investment advice, a financial plan, or an offer to buy/sell securities. Moreover, we are not owned or affiliated with any broker/dealers, money managers, or registered investment advisors.


We are strictly focused on diagnosing your portfolio's health, thereby providing you with a clear picture of what's needed to improve your investment results and future grade.

The Portfolio Report Card uses proprietary software specially-designed by Ron Delegge II and a team of data scientists to analyze your investments using the combined research of some of the greatest investors who have ever lived. The results from our grading engine are examined by a team of human analysts before they're delivered to you.

We grade taxable brokerage accounts, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), profit sharing, trust accounts, UGMAs and variable annuities.


We only grade investments from U.S.-based investors.


We do not grade portfolios containing collectibles, futures brokerage accounts, cryptocurrency accounts or any assets that aren’t listed or traded on a public stock exchange.


We do not grade back-tested or theoretical portfolios, portfolios without a minimum one-year performance history, portfolios without documentation or portfolios submitted by a financial advisor or another third-party on behalf of their investment clients.

The strategies, principles, and proprietary grading system we use works the same on portfolios with $25,000 up to $10 billion.

Grade A is the best score and it indicates you have a perfect portfolio across all grading categories, while B indicates minor flaws. 


Grades C to F indicate major structural flaws with your investment portfolio’s overall design and architecture. Rest assured, the Portfolio Report Card will explain every aspect of your grade in explicit detail.

Your investment data is used for grading and educational purposes only. Your data is never leased, sold, or identifiably shared.

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