About the Portfolio Report Card

About the Portfolio Report Card

“The question is not what you look at – but how you look, and whether you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

The Portfolio Report Card™ was invented with these objectives: 1) to help people look at and see their investments as they really are, and 2) to provide easy to understand results on a single page. Voila! The Portfolio Report Card™ was born.

Every idea begins with a problem. Ours was rather straightforward: Investors don’t know everything they need to know about their money and investments. We scoured financial savannas both far and wide – searching for answers.

What were the choices? As it turns out, the financial services industry is dominated by multi-billion dollar conglomerates that thrive on opacity, unreliability and misinformation. This approach has enslaved and victimized the investing masses while simultaneously enriching the conglomerates.

We introduced the Portfolio Report Card™ as the solution.

After years of toil, we built an incomparable financial tool that tells everyday people the strengths and weaknesses of their investments – and most of all – in a language they can understand! Along the way, we also rescued them from the death grip of ignorance, by teaching them the key factors influencing their bottom line investment results. But wait that’s not all!

We also teamed up with small army of top-notch financial advisors, who serve as portfolio graders, to deliver and explain people’s Portfolio Report Card™  results. And after analyzing and grading almost half a billion dollars, we’re not stopping.

Does your portfolio pass or fail?

*NOTE: The Portfolio Report Card™ is only available to U.S. based investors between ages 45-70 with a minimum portfolio value of $250,000.