Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What's the purpose of the Portfolio Report Card™ ?

Do my investments expose me to excessive financial risk? Are my investments adequately diversified? Does my portfolio minimize the negative impact of current and future taxes? Am I overpaying in fees and brokerage commissions? Is my investment portfolio compatible with my unique investor personality? Am I on track to reach my financial goals? If you’ve ever asked these or similar questions, you’re not alone. And finding the answer to these questions is exactly what the Portfolio Report Card™ will help you to do.

How much does the Portfolio Report Card™ cost?

The Portfolio Report Card™ is free to consumers with a minimum combined portfolio value of $250,000.

What is the Portfolio Report Card's grading criterion?

The Portfolio Report Card™ uses a multi-factor grading scale that examines crucial areas of your investments like cost, risk, taxes, diversification, and performance. The final output is a one-page diagnosis that’s hand delivered to you by a licensed financial advisor.

What types of investments can I submit for grading?

For grading purposes, you may submit traditional and Roth IRA accounts, 401(k), 403(b), 457 retirement plans, trust accounts, crypto-currency accounts, and taxable brokerage accounts. Theoretical or back-tested portfolios or those without a documented history will not be graded.

What is the minimum and maximum sized portfolio you'll grade?

The Portfolio Report Card™ is available to consumers with a minimum combined portfolio value of $250,000 up to $20 billion. If you have more than $20 billion in assets, congratulations, you don’t need a Portfolio Report Card™.

What do the letter grades represent?

A top notch grade of “A” means your investment portfolio is like a perfectly pitched baseball game and requires no modifications. Plus, if you receive an “A”, you will receive a $100 reward from ETFguide, the company behind the Portfolio Report Card™. It’s our way of rewarding well-built investment portfolios!

A letter grade “B” means your portfolio has some flaws but only minor modifications or changes are probably required. Letter grades of “C”, “D”, and “F” indicate major structural flaws within the portfolio that will likely require significant modifications and possibly even a complete overhaul.

How is the Portfolio Report Card™ delivered to me?

After your exam results are ready for delivery, you will be notified to book an appointment with the financial advisor that analyzed and graded your portfolio. To ensure the safety and confidentiality of your Portfolio Report Card™, all results are delivered to you in person by a licensed financial advisor. At your delivery appointment, you will be able to ask questions about your final grade along with any weak spots that may require your attention.

How is my investment portfolio data used?

Sharing data can be stressful. We get it. But without data, it’s impossible for us to execute and deliver Portfolio Report Cards™. That’s why we guarantee the portfolio data you provide to us will only be used for grading purposes. That means we gather your data in a safe online environment and we ensure your final Portfolio Report Card™ results are delivered to you in person by a licensed financial professional. There are no shortcuts. From beginning to end, we treat your data with safety and respect. The Portfolio Report Card™ is owned and operated by

I already work with a financial advisor. Can I still get my portfolio graded?

Yes! This will help you to verify your current advisor is properly executing your investment plan and not overcharging you or exposing you to hidden problems.