How the Portfolio Report Card™ Works

How the Portfolio Report Card™ Works

Step 1: You submit your request for a free Portfolio Report Card™.

Step 2: You complete a brief questionnaire along with submitting your required portfolio data.

Step 3: Your questionnaire and portfolio data is analyzed by a licensed financial advisor.

Step 4: Your Portfolio Report Card™ is delivered to you in-person by the same advisor who graded you, explaining your results.

Step 5: Collect $100 if your final grade is “A.”

Step 6: Fix the weak spots identified in your Portfolio Report Card™ for grades between B and F.

Step 7: Get your investments and retirement plan back on track and stay there!

What Your Grades Mean

The Portfolio Report Card™ uses a multi-factor scoring system that evaluates your investments in key areas like cost, risk, and taxes.

The A and B grades are excellent scores whereas C, D, and F are unsatisfactory. Portfolio grades of C, D, and F mean that your investments have major flaws that require attention and repair. Does your portfolio pass or fail?